Savas Onisiforou – RSVP Event t-shirts

The idea is to show a different perspective on what I understand by response. Using the influence of meme style behavior my idea plays on the social habit of requiring a response to the small and unimportant decisions in life for example asking someone their opinion on your hairstyle or tie when a mirror is available.

My exhibit sets out to confront visitors with these alternative ideas by creating t-shirts with humorous images informed by response requests, or "Do you want a response?" situations.

For the visitor:
  1. Write with the marker on the t-shirt an example of a response request routine or habit or anything you think does not require a request for response.
  2. If you can't think of anything, or you dont have any issues on RSVP, simply pin a badge from the basket on the t-shirt just to show a response to the event.

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