Stefanie Turner – Memory Capture

"Life moves pretty fast, it you don't stop and look back around once in a while you could miss it''.

We often spend too much time thinking about what to do next we forget to take a moment to remember what we have just done. Life has become so busy and we can forget that the moments that we live for need to be remembered. This exhibit should encourage you to remember moments that you might not have thought about in a while and hopefully inspire the recollection of future memories so that you can remember and preserve them for longer.

Simon Kay

It is easy to forget how much of our culture is based on consumerism with too much importance being placed on "things" rather than important issues that need to be addressed.

Viewers will originally think that they are approaching a supermarket shelf full of products, but in fact the product is a social problem "packaged" for them to see.

In this project I want viewers to walk away more aware of wrongs and injustices within society.

Savas Onisiforou – RSVP Event t-shirts

The idea is to show a different perspective on what I understand by response. Using the influence of meme style behavior my idea plays on the social habit of requiring a response to the small and unimportant decisions in life for example asking someone their opinion on your hairstyle or tie when a mirror is available.

My exhibit sets out to confront visitors with these alternative ideas by creating t-shirts with humorous images informed by response requests, or "Do you want a response?" situations.

For the visitor:
  1. Write with the marker on the t-shirt an example of a response request routine or habit or anything you think does not require a request for response.
  2. If you can't think of anything, or you dont have any issues on RSVP, simply pin a badge from the basket on the t-shirt just to show a response to the event.

Phil Wynne – Répondez, s'il vous plane

My exhibitional response to "RSVP" is two-fold, and hopefully you'll appreciate that pun more upon reading further.

Firstly, I was interested in the way that, when asking people for a response, often the one you get is negative, or a counter-productive one. People dispose of invitations as if they were litter.

Secondly, I was fascinated by the visual language of paper planes, and the interactivity that they could bring to a subject such as RSVP. I wanted my work to be in part caused by people's responses, and this is achieved by the invitation for the viewer to write on, fold, and throw the planes here.

Myrto Demetriou – Dare a conversation, you never know!

Within days, months and years you find yourself asking for an answer. Sometimes you are saying "please reply" to the people around you, even to yourself. People come and go from your life every day, they could pass you in the street and you may not even notice.

Inside the book you will find some written statements in response to a questionnaire documenting how people meet and talk.

Sometimes your life can be changed by just by one conversation.

Mike Leek – Social Response-ability

During our everyday lives we communicate with more people, more often, than ever before; however we seldom use these increased opportunities to talk about serious issues in society.

I have chosen to contact people in order to encourage discussion around the issue of the Robin Hood Tax. There is currently a campaign to introduce a tax of only 0.05% on financial transactions, which could raise billions in additional revenue in the UK alone.

The money could be used to help fight cuts to essential public services, tackle climate change, fund further cancer research, end poverty at home and abroad, and help kerb the kind of reckless financial sector behaivour that led to the global financial crisis.

For further information visit:

Michael Stewart – The Big Red Button

Would you walk on by? Press it? Or would you ask a friend?

This project is developed to test how students might react. A big red button is strategically placed upon a pedestal in the Students' Union with a camera in plain view and focusing on the button. What will happen if the button is pressed?

“Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose.”

Stephen R. Covey

Loren Russell-Ahern – I made you smile

The purpose of this exhibit is to engage the public with the theme of smiling which can be a contagious act passed from one person to another.

On the wall you will see a collage of yellow smile cards from members of the public responding to the question "what makes you smile?" Please select one of the smile cards and read and view. If the card makes you smile then please turn it over to reveal an image of that persons smile; if the card does not make you smile then please leave the card exactly how you found it.

I hope that this exhibition makes you smile ☺

Laxmi Bhatti – In Conversation with Lord Shiva

God, a conscience being who cannot be seen, yet humans hold intense faith and pray.

Prayer is words and phrases connecting humans with God, either recited from Holy Books or voiced straight from the heart. It's a form of expression allowing humans to communicate with God, regardless of time and place.

I remember picking up the house phone and saying I am calling Shiv Ji as though He was my friend, someone who I can confide in, someone who will always understand me and solve all my problems, I had faith that Lord Shiva is on the other end of the phone, and so I prayed.

Luo Jing – Love Original

I think that all designers love original works, because that's why they strive so hard and struggle to realise their dreams and ambitions.

My website is a showcase for the work of creative people. By clicking the button of love visitors to the website can respond by sending messages to the designers e-mail or facebook account. My aims then are to encourage respect for the integrity of original creative work whilst reminding the user that the deliberate copying of others work is not good. The only way to make greater progress is to learn and appreciate the originality of the creator.

Love Creativity Love Original

Kirstie Broadbent – Have another drink, what’s the worst that could happen?

These campaign posters use the idea of reverse psychology on excessive drinkers, to persuade them to reduce their drinking.

The work is produced as part of a campaign associated with 'drink aware' there are links to their network pages and website. The images themselves were taken on a real night out and those photographed were quite drunk. To add to the posters the images have been blurred to reflect the effect that alcohol has on vision.

Keisha Williams

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a remarkable message that demands an RSVP.

The gospel can be spread through various methods. Tracts are one way of communicating the message of Christ to individuals.

Being a Christian myself, I tend to share my faith with others with a hope that they will embrace Jesus Christ and believe in Him. I have documented my encounters and conversations with people on tracts, which I have made. Each tract documents my good and negative experiences.

Jody May Richards – Sleeping Dogs

This exhibit consists of the basic essentials that are needed to care for a dog.

Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned because their owners can no longer handle the responsibility of looking after an animal.

Each of these items consist of a fact based on UK statistics of stray and abandoned dogs The work is designed to show people the true extent of the problem the UK and the number of those innocent animals that are put to sleep.

Haydn Ellis – Getsette for Cassette

Getsette is a new campaign supporting the revival of audio cassette tapes.

This exhibition features both recorded and recordable cassette tapes. You are welcome to listen to the recorded tapes using the headphones. The cassettes contain recordings of peoples experiences using tapes in the past and their views on wether or not they envisage themselves using them again in the future. You are welcome to record your own experiences onto the blank cassettes available and to write comments in the corresponding packaging.

Getsette for cassette.

Fay Chambers – Remember, Dyslexic doesn’t mean stupid

Dyslexia affects one in ten people throughout the UK. Many people with dyslexia often feel alone, vulnerable and even stupid.

This work provides an insight into how the everyday task of shopping for food could become for some people a struggle. Of course the work cannot replicate the reality of everyday experiences for certain people but in developing this work I hope to raise awareness and help people understand that Dyslexia does not mean stupid. Seeming at first glance to be the usual food brands we see, each word has been carefully removed and replaced with a fact relating to this specific learning difficulty.

Daniel Wilkinson – Take a Look

The idea behind my piece is that I wanted to design a poster that would be distinct from a 'standard' poster design.

My aim was for viewers to respond and interact with the poster on a physical and emotional level. By doing this I have created a poster for viewers to interact with, hopefully making a flat image look a lot more realistic, conveying the message that domestic violence is closer than we think. I feel the shock factor of the poster will gain the viewers attention and draw them in gaining a "response".

Ashley Taylor – My new best friend

Technology has become a major part of our day-to-day lives, none more so than the use of a computer. Through this technology we have become increasingly reliant on search engines, and how we continue to humanize them, revealing our most hidden secrets that we dare not tell anyone else.

My exhibit looks at the interaction we have with a search engine on a daily basis, using it as a means of getting the answers and information we need, when simply asking a person face-to-face created a better environment. It shows how the constant need to use a search engine has taken over our lives, and has in-fact become, our new best friend.

Christos Symeonides – Leave Your Fears Behind

Fear is a horrible feeling that makes us weak and unable to face particular situations.

There are hundreds of different types of fears but they all have one thing in common; they are unpleasant and unwanted. People can sometimes overcome fear using the power of their mind. This installation encourages people to overcome their fears by placing them inside a locked chest and leaving them behind so that they won't affect their life anymore.

Christopher Fonseca – Chris’s Dance Workshop

Dance is to express not to impress, nothing is more revealing than dancing. Some people dance because dancing can change things.

One move, can bring people together.

One move, can make you believe there's something more,

One move, can set a whole generation free.

I wanted to share my huge passion for dance with others who took part in my dance workshop. The workshop, helped participants to enjoy learning street dance choreography. When they danced, stresses and problems escaped for a brief period of time. Asking people to RSVP to my dance classes is a means of freedom of expression.

Chloe Dyall – No Animals Were Harmed During the Making of This Exhibition

Although the same cannot be said for the animals that live in the wild.

As each day goes by the threats to animals are increasing, with the number of poachers hunting them for trophies, fur, paws, tusks, and horns.

Poachers are not the only threat to an increasing number of species, other threats include, habitat degradation and loss which is affecting marine turtles and elephants the most.

Benjamin Young – Respondez S'il Vous Plait

Following one individual's life as it takes a chaotic downfall through the recession under the idea of 'RSVP'.

The information is conveyed using hand rendered typography, taking inspiration from the 18th century, where the phrase 'répondez s'il vous plaît,' was first introduced to lead as a narrative. Overprinted on extracts of letters, bills, receipts and other ephemera that would have just been discarded the work collides the 'then with the now' revealing that whilst change may be visually apparent, the way in which we deal with and respond to such matters creates a repetitive pattern through time.


Ben Cooper

This project has focused on the relationship between analog and digital ways of communication, and the ways in which we respond to each one.

To accomplish this I decided to send an image of a stamp and ask for a photographic reply from the recipient, using two forms of communication, one being a well-established postal service and the other a relatively new social media app Photoswap. The reason for this approach was to collect a varied range of replies, one being a more considered reply and the other less so

Antrea Konstantinou – Friend Request

The feeling of loneliness is very bad, especially if you are alone, far away from your home and in a different country. People are not very open and particularly so to a stranger.

With this project I would like to see if people want to meet others and especially if they want to make new friends with people from other countries.

I will leave a note on the notice board of our student union area, asking for a reply by email and I will see if they will reply to me or not.

Dimosthenis Xenidis – Choose it / Frame it

The approach adopted in the development of this exhibit is informed by the theme of propaganda. My aim is to create a clear and strong message that uses the format of the poster to identify small damages that they would like to be fixed or replaced by authorised personnel. The idea is that the poster will emphasise the damage and by doing so the necessary repair work will be undertaken. I think that detail does matter for things to look better so why not start from small things before we start making big changes.

James McArdle – Cybersmile Foundation Awareness Campaign

My response to this project was that I wanted to do something with meaning; that somehow in a small way this could even make a small difference?

Through research I found a charity that helped victims of cyber bullying a harmful form of abuse that can sometimes lead to suicide.

Cybersmile isn’t very well known, so a design objective was to raise awareness for them. I wanted to portray the feeling of cyber bullying and provoke an emotional response, in hope that this would lead people to find out more and maybe even get involved in supporting the charity in some way.